Michael B. O'Haire is an agressive criminal defense attorney with over 23 years of experience.

How to Select Your Lawyer

By Michael B. O'Haire

"The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask me to send you free written information about my experience and qualifications."

You may receive advertisements from other lawyers. I am happy to tell you about my experience and qualifications and I want to offer you some practical suggestions on how to choose your lawyer. Consider:


Feel free to ask any lawyer you talk with how long they have practiced criminal defense law, how many cases they have defended similar to yours and what results were obtained. Ask if the lawyer practices only criminal law. I only do criminal defense. My years of experience may yield a favorable outcome such as a withholding of adjudication. This means some charges may be resolved with no record of a criminal conviction. When available in certain cases, Intervention or Diversion Programs may result in charges actually being dismissed. Many criminal charges result from addiction or psychological problems. Treatment for these problems can be an alternative to resolve charges in certain circumstances. My early contact with the Prosecutor on your behalf may also yield favorable results. In every criminal case the Prosecutor makes a charging decision. Early contact before that decision is made, presenting your side of events, and any witnesses on your behalf, may result in a lesser charge or possibly even dismissal of the charge. In certain circumstances I can have charges sealed or expunged. This means removing from the public record and mention of a criminal charge against you.


Your lawyer should keep your business in the strictest of confidence. Every piece of mail from my office to you is marked "PERSONAL and CONFIDENTIAL". There is no indication on the envelope that I am a criminal defense lawyer. I understand that it may be important that employers and even family not know that you have a problem, unless you choose to disclose that fact. I frequently have all court notices sent to my office rather than to a client's home to ensure confidentiality.


Your lawyer should discuss fees up front so you know that cost exactly and how you are expected to pay. A good lawyer's fee is determined by how much time will be spent in solving your problem. You owe it to yourself to take the time to come in and meet me. By sitting down with me and reviewing your case, I can determine the course of action to take in your defense and set up a plan so your defense can be affordable. There is never a charge for a consultation. I accept credit card payments and arrange liberal financing when necessary. You should have a lawyer you are happy with even if you can't pay the entire fee up front, as many lawyers require.

Call me at 727-577-7770 (available 24 hours a day), to schedule a free appointment to discuss your problem. I offer you no false promises, no pressure to hire me, no scare tactics... just honest, experienced aggressive criminal defense representation and my very best effort to solve your problem.